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WWE is an over 25 years leading entertainment company and internationally renowned brand with proven sales history. As one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world, WWE is a weekly exhilarating mixture of entertainment, athleticism and high drama.
WWE followers come from all ranges of age and social conditions attending amazing live events and enjoying TV shows thanks to an extensive television coverage.

Dados de interesse

  • Television:  50+ Countries, 7 Continents, 30 Languages
  • Content: 8.000+ hours distributed each and every year
  • More than 200 events each year with over than 2 million attendees
  • 14 million weekly viewers
  • 72 million Facebook fans and 85 million Twitter followers across over 125 official accounts
  • More than 100 WWE Superstars and Divas
  • Jonh Cena is the most famous WWE character and one of most popular American athlete
  • Over $1 billion in retail sales
  • More than 100 licensees distributing in more than 85 countries
  • Mattel is the Master Toy
  • Nº2 Action Figure brand in the US and UK (NPD 2012)
  • WWE  global partners: The bridge for constructions, 2K for video games and Topps for trading cards
  • WWE video game franchise has sold more than 60 million units generating more than  $1.8 billion in revenue

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