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The world’s greatest super-agent returns! He's the greatest, He's fantastic, wherever there's danger he'll be there…so says the iconic theme tune and when has a theme tune ever lied?

International secret-agent Danger Mouse and best friend Penfold embark on the craziest, action-packed missions from London to Mars… to the 6th dimension… to the future! Combining high energy, top class storytelling, surreal spin-out comedy with brilliant visuals, this new series will excite today’s tech-savvy and humour-hungry 6-11 year olds!
Danger Mouse - the world’s greatest secret agent and cult hero! First launched on TV in 1981, the show is loved the world over by generations of fans. Made by renowned studio Cosgrove Hall and broadcast for more than a decade from 1981-1992 on ITV, Danger Mouse is a multi-million $$ mouse, delivering significant revenues for 35 years.

Dados de interesse

  • Danger Mouse was the first British cartoon to break onto US TV, airing on Nickelodeon from 1984-87 and again from 1991-1994
  •  Strong brand awareness remains worldwide – from Europe and across the globe to Latin America and India where it continued to tx well into the 2000s
  • Over 12 different volumes of DVD compilations have been created and sold in multiple territories
  • Demand for Danger Mouse is so strong that the original series has been picked up by Netflix and relaunches, around the world, from Summer 2015
  • 48 episodes x 11 minuts
  • Master Toy partner, Jazwares
  • Broadcasted across Lagardère platforms in France
Fremantle Media


Série de animaçäo


Primário: Meninos/as de 6 a 11 anos

Secundário: Meninos/as de 4 a 12 anos


Benelux, Espanha, França, Italia, Portugal



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