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Clan broadcasts the 3D animated series 'Tutu', the story of a kangaroo who loves to play and explore the world with his friends. A series of comedy and adventures with which children will learn and have fun every evening on RTVE's children's channel. It is co-produced by the Galician company Ficción Producciones, TVE, TVG and the ICAIC of Havana, within the commitment of RTVE with the Spanish animation industry.

'Tutu' premieres in Clan late May 2017 with 52 episodes of 7 minutes. In addition, the preschool series comes with an app that will include extra content and educational games.

Ficción Producciones and RTVE have chosen Biplano Licensing as their agent to develop the licensing program of this new preschool property that has all the key factors to become a success both audiences and licensing.

Dados de interesse

  • Co-production of Fiction Productions and RTVE
  • 52 episodes of 7 minutes
  • Target children from 2 to 5 years
  • Clan - TV partner 100% committed
  • Clan Premiere May 29, 2017 - 5:15 pm


Série de animaçäo 3D CGI


Primário: Meninos/as de 2 a 5 anos


Espanha, Portugal



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